Alcibiades, leader of antiquity

experiences In his noble features, to its broad brow, and proud, fearless eyes, shaded by the expression more severe than a gentle melancholy, nature seemed to have inscribed the greatness, and destiny - a misfortune.

And I, if I outlive my brother - the pride and glory of my family if I can afford to love , in whose veins the blood of his murderer? Oh, I'm unhappy, unhappy! These thoughts just do not drive me crazy! - And wringing her hands, Irene loudly sobbed. Come without fail. Valentin, when he left to Viele .....

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Finally, do not

Finally, do not The come from the herd the cow greedily and hastily eat a juicy grass by the fence and dam-films. And while he is here, I do not get out of this room. Now go and talk with him, he needs affection and comfort to mother .. She immediately grabbed it, read it, then ran to the door head and looked through a crack and slipped into the office .. "- vaguely flashed in her head, and at times occurred dull indifference, from which she immediately awoke in terror and pain and .....

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Senka, wink

Senka wink German, still wiping his cheek with embarrassment, suddenly quite boldly and openly smiled and, taking a cigarette case and offered it to closer standing .. . She was frightened and began to argue, strangely, as if no disputing Mizhueva, but something inside herself. - Well, yes, I know, a colleague, you're a revolutionary. - No, brother, you're lying! - Smiled Andreev. But you can be comforted: the last drop of your blood vytekut of you only a few months. Whoever he was not an artist and not .....

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life ... Give me

life ... Give me I favor the second. There terrible poverty, sorrow. And you must admit, finally, that the fact that one is bad, does not mean that they should suffer, who lives and who are bad .. . The general raised his eyes with astonishment at his adjutant .. - There was a swing, - said Fedyukov, getting out in his long duster out of the carriage and widely across the yard waving his hand. He did not do anything bad against him will be no charges. - J. ....

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cross on the holy

cross on the holy On the course? .. But the most difficult thing was - hit in the leg ... Hand gave herself to him and obediently limp. but here he is. Olga stood before him in the doorway in a blue satin gown with thick lace-you to pull out more of hair combs and held high a candle to see better. that may be - "he added with a bowed proud humility - perhaps would be of some use to you ... - Colonel, you - Lawyer, comfort me, for God's sake .....

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Alcibiades (Gr. AlkibiadhV) - one of the finest Athenian statesmen and generals, the son of wedges and Deynomahi born. Athens 451 BC X. After losing the battle of the Crown (447) his father, he was brought up again in the house of his cousin, the famous Pericles. Even in adolescence, we see it next to the remarkable abilities of noble character traits, selfishness, irresponsibility, insolence, arrogance, and a passionate desire to be everywhere first. Its beauty, high birth and the influence of Pericles emu got a lot of friends and admirers, was heavily influenced by him as Socrates, but the good side of his character could no longer prevail over evil. Upon the death of Pericles, first, in all likelihood, the enemy of Cleon, AL after the death of the latter (at 422) is headed ultrademokraticheskoy Party, the party of war, envying mainly influenced aristocrat Nikia, who in 421 persuaded the city of both belligerents , Athenians and Spartans, to make peace on 50 liters. A. Athenians made an alliance with the Argives, and Eliytsami Mantineans and even managed to isolate the Spartans in the Peloponnese, but the unexpected victory of the Spartans in 418, in the Battle of Mantinea, which was attended by Alcibiades, and put an end to this alliance, then at 415 The Athenians, at the instigation A. same, made an expedition to Sicily, primarily to help the city Egeste against Selinusa and Syracuse: military commanders were appointed Niky, Lamah and A. But during the preparations for the march, and it happened that on the night of the 11th May have been overrun by all the herms in Athens, AA foes tried to throw suspicion on him in the crime, but as it was in this case, absolutely innocent, that he was accused of mocking the Eleusinian mysteries. Vain demanded immediate investigation of the case A. before sailing fleet expedition went, but after a few weeks. Bloody irritating irritated enemies of A., the people demanded that he returned and brought to trial. In Sicily, between A. managed to hold its plan, and the Athenians had won some successes, but for the further implementation of the plan had to be the personal presence of AA, which in the meantime, in August followed the orders of the people, but he ran off the road (in Furiyah) and went to the Peloponnese . Receiving the news that the Athenian people condemned him and sentenced him to death, he was at the end of 416 he moved to the Spartans had here in a very short time become a favorite of people, mainly due to the fact that strictly followed all the folk customs. He persuaded the Spartans to come to the aid of the Syracusans and occupation Dhekelia entrench itself in Attica (413). According to him the same advice the Spartans decided after the unfortunate outcome of the Athenian expedition to Sicily, to connect to the Persian satrap Tissaphernes and help primarily Xiocy to tear him away from Athens. He went there in the spring of 412 BC and led Ionya to revolt against Athens. But the happiness soon failed him. Full of distrust and envy for the stranger, the Spartan aristocrats, led by their king Agis II, whom Alexander and his wife was due, we decided to kill A. Being on time is warned, VA in October 412, the saved to Tissaphernes and here he again quickly is adjustable to Persian traditions, to the Persian way of life and becomes an inseparable confidant Persian satrap. He convinces him that the full relaxation of Athens disgusted interests of Persia that it makes more sense to provide the Greek states mutually weaken each other. Arranging it gradually in favor of Athens and he comes into contact with the oligarchic rulers, the Athenian fleet, stationed at Samos, and promises to bring them to the PA to their side Tissaphernes if they overthrew democracy in Athens I will introduce oligarchic form of government. This proposal was met with agreement, but when Alexander finally still not managed to persuade Tissaphernes to conclude an alliance with the Athenians, the oligarchs-conspirators ceased relations with him, democracy is the same in Athens, was nevertheless in April 411, the overthrown, and in its place introduced the so-called oligarchic rule. "400". During this oligarchic coup acted troops stationed at Samos, they chose the new democratic generals and led them to set A. For the month of June had fallen Athenian oligarchy and who took her place moderate Democrats granted the AG the right to return to their homeland. But he spent three years away from Athens, which had a great time for this service. In October. 411 of his timely arrival helped the Athenians to win at Abydos, and then taking leadership over the army of Athens, AL defeated the Spartans and the Persians at Cyzicus (400), won in 409 BC Khalkedon, Byzantium, and so on, thus the Athenians returned to dominance sea, and in June 408, with the triumph of returning to their homeland. He was greeted with universal enthusiasm, which reached its climax when the VA gave the Athenians the opportunity to take, under the protection of troops, a solemn procession in Elevzis, opportunities which they have long been deprived. But this is a brilliant time was short, clothed people, as a warrior, unlimited power, but at the same time, equally hated by the oligarchs, and radicals, VA in the fall with a fleet of 100 ships is sent back to Asia. This time, he had to deal with the new Spartan commander Lizandrom, but with him unable to cope easily: it was a man of remarkable intelligence and abilities, which besides, generously supplied by all means to fight Cyrus, who appeared in the summer of 408 BC to the theater of war as Persian viceroy in Lydia, Veale. Phrygia, and Cappadocia. During the absence of Alexander, who himself went to Trazibulu besieging Fokeyu, who took over his command of Antiochus had, contrary to an express prohibition of A., the battle (in Notiya near Ephesus), which cost him his life, and the Athenians - several ships. This failure benefited the enemies of A. On the back he had discharged all sorts of serious charges, and in the summer of 408 BC he had been deprived of authority over the army, after which he retired to his fortified possession on the shores of Propontis. In vain he offered the Athenian generals, even before the fateful Battle of Egos, Potamos (408), his advice and assistance. After the fall of Athens in the spring of 404 BC he went to Bithynia, then to Pharnabazus and intended to go to Susa, to open Artaksersku II plans of his brother, Cyrus, and thus secure his protection. But at this time Lizandr perhaps at the insistence of the so-called. thirty tyrants of Athens and being in all probability, is authorized to that Cyrus, demanded Pharnabazus that he slew A. By order Pharnabazus his visitor was killed by arrows, at the time of his way to Susa, a Phrygian town of Melissa. So ended his life Alexander in 404 BC X. Plutarch and Cornelius Nepos left us his biography. Wed Fischer, «A. und Lysander »(Basel, 1846); Herzberg,« A., der Staatsmann und Feldherr »(Halle, 1853), Fricke,« Untersuchungen uber die Quellen des Plutarch »(Leipzig, 1867). About the images A. Wed Gedbig in the 38 th volume «Annali» Archaeological Institute in Rome (1866).

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